People  Love  VisionAidâ„¢

What Can I Use The VisionAidâ„¢ For?

1) Diamond painting
2) Cross stitch
3) Paint by numbers
4) Sewing
5) Crochet
6) Knitting
7) Jewelry making

Cross Stitch Testimonial

1) Hands-free light
2) Lightweight (3 oz)
3) Several magnification lenses
4) Distortion-free optics
5) Portable
6) Can be worn on top of prescription glasses

Miniature Painting Testimonial

VisionAidâ„¢ helps you paint tiny figurines with more accuracy and without causing eye fatigue. 

Ideal Magnification

1x-3.5x magnifying lenses are considered to be the ideal magnification for people with low vision or macular degeneration.

Higher magnification makes any magnifier difficultto use as you have to hold the object too close to your face.