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360 Degrees Washing Brush


Wash Your Glasses & Mugs Inside & Outside At The Same Time!

  • Washing the dishes is the most dreaded chore in the household. Unless you have a dishwasher (costly), the next best thing is our glass cleaner! 
  • It is affordable and makes cleaning easier and faster since you just have to "shoot" the glass onto it, turn it a little and it's all clean!


Simple To Install


Easy & Fast To Wash Mugs & Glasses


Can Be Used Horizontally or Vertically

Detachable Head Brush - Easy To Clean


  • High-quality plastic material, humane three head design.

  • Multipurpose for washing bottle, wine, glass and cup.

  • Brushes are flexible, not easily deformed.

  • Installation and operation is easy.

  • 360 degree cleaning.