Mini Airbrush With Compact Compressor - 2020 Edition

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This mini Airbrush with a compact compressor will be a great addition to your miniature painting tools! 





#1 You can primer your models all year round

This is the primary benefit, especially for those in cold climates, with rattle-cans you will find inconsistent results depending on the outside temperature and humidity. In some cases, you simply cannot prime your minis as the air properties will have too much of an impact on the drying of a spray can, your primer coat could be ruined.


#2 You can see how much primer you have left

If you’ve been modelling for a while you have surely had a situation where you are trying everything to get those last few dregs out of a can to finish that last model you are priming and nothing works. You’ve either ended up with a half primed model or the primer has dried funny in your incessant twisting and shaking as you spray. With airbrush primer, you can see how much is in your bottle before you start, and if it runs out halfway through, just come back later when you get more.

#3 You can primer your models indoors.

The same is true with cans I suppose, but the smell is enough to put most people off using them indoors. Beyond that, the width of overspray on a can is the second thing that would put you off. With an airbrush, it’s a very direct, small light spray. so long as you have a decent sized box, you can use your airbrush at your desk.

#4 It will greatly speed up your army painting.

Now you can prime and base a Squad or whole army in minutes as opposed to hours, so if you’re wanting to get your models built and painted for a tabletop battle ASAP, there is no easier way.

#5 You will have much smoother base coats than with a brush

You will see an immediate and impressive boost in your finished model quality when you start using the Airbrush. 





Power Type: Pneumatic

Nozzle Diameter: 0.3 mm

Feed Type: Pressure

Cup Volume: 7cc

Input Power: 110-220V/50/60HZ

Output Power: 8.4 V

Net weight: 260 g

Battery: Polymer lithium, 700 AMH

Charging time: 1 hour

Non-stop working time: 0.5 hour

Maximum pressure: 17.4 PSI

Air flow: 7-7.5 L / min

Work pressure (internal pressure of the working airbrush): 8-9 psi.   


Can be used with other brushes (Iwata, Badger etc)



Order yours now and start producing better results with miniature painting!