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Spacesaver Spice Rack with Labels - 5.2"W x10.5"D x10"H - 2 Drawers 2-Tier


PROBLEM - Imagine Finding The Spice You Need In This Mess

Having to take out all the spices just to find the right one can be annoying sometimes. Besides, the unorganized spices take up a lot of space and often times regular spice racks do not solve the problem.    

SOLUTION - Pullout Spice Rack

The vertical Spice Rack is ideal for organizing your spices in a cabinet. It makes finding your spices Easy, Quick and Saves a lot of Space in your cabinet!



Find Your Spices In Seconds

Ideal for cabinets with empty vertical space. 






Will It Fit Into My Cabinet?

Please measure your cabinet using a regular tape measurer. 

You need at least 12 inches vertical and 5.2 inches horizontal space to fit the spice rack into your cabinet.





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- Looks Nice & Organized

- Helps Find Spices Quickly

- Saves Space