VisionAid™ Magnifying Glasses with 5 Lenses, LED Light, Headband (optimized for PC viewing)

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If you are struggling to see small details and get frustrated from the annoying eye strain and neck pain, VisionAid™ magnifier will be a game-changer!


What Makes VisionAid™ Magnifier A Powerful Tool?

  It enables you to work comfortably and freely using both hands whilst also magnifying and illuminating a multitude of precision tasks.





Multiple Lens Options

VisionAid™ kit comes with 5 interchangeable magnification lenses 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x covering various focal lengths for close-up work. Each lens is individually marked with its magnification strength and provides you with options to choose the magnification you need depending on how close you want to see your work. 






    Magnification Working Distance


    1.0x  250 – 350mm
    1.5x 200 – 300mm
    2.0x 175 – 275mm
    2.5x 125 – 250mm
    3.5x 75 – 125mm






    Makes Various Tasks  Easy 

    Such magnification range will help you see small details closely and clearly in various tasks, be it splinter removal, cross-stitching, jewelry making or electronics repair.




    Adjustable Lens For Better View

    The lens holder can be adjusted closer or further from the face for better focal length and also can be tipped up which means you don’t have to take off the magnifiers if you want to see anything quickly without magnification. 





    Wearable With Prescription Glasses 

    The possibility of moving the lens forward and backward, adjusting the nose bridge and a headband allows you to make room for your prescription glasses and clearly see your work. 





        Won’t Fall Off

        VisionAid comes with an elastic headband which you can easily attach to the frame. It provides you a tighter, more secure fit whenever you are moving around or looking down during for example quilting or car repair. Besides, you can adjust the size of the headband to perfectly fit your head and wear the magnifier comfortably for long-time.     





          Handy Head Light

          The built-in LED light provides an additional visibility boost without you having to hold a lamp. You can even aim the light to the spot you need by moving it up or down. Illuminate your arts and projects without extra effort! 



            Great Value

            VisionAid kit combines the functions of several separate products into one. It saves you money from buying separate magnifiers and lamps, it does not cost a fortune and has more value than some other expensive visors.



              WHAT IS INCLUDED? 

              - ergonomic frame
              - 5 magnifying lenses (acrylic)
              - storage case for lenses
              - elastic headband
              - cleaning cloth
              - user manual 






              WHO IS IT FOR?

              VisionAid™ is suitable for anyone who feels discomfort from close-up work. While elderly people might find the magnifier helpful for their everyday life it will be a handy tool for hobbyists and professionals as well. 






                • Cross-stitch, bead work, sewing, crochet

                • Diamond painting, coin collecting

                • Miniature figure painting

                • Reading books







                • Jewelry making
                • Watch service & repair
                • Electronics service & repair
                • Esthetician
                • Dentists
                • Precision cutting










              HANDS-FREE - allows you to see everything up-close while having your hands free to get on with the job. 
              PRODUCTIVE - helps you concentrate on work better, get more work done and complete your task effectively.
              STYLISH - unlike other bulky magnifiers it won't make you sweat and its stylish design allows you to wear it in front of your customers without any discomfort.
              MULTI-USE - handy tool for different household tasks, makes your life easier.  

              NO FRUSTRATION - reduces eye fatigue and neck pain allowing you to enjoy your hobbies and work.      






              Question: What is the working distance?

              Answer: The 1X to 2.5X magnifying lenses are ideal for reading and hands free applications like sewing and knitting, while the 3.5X lens is perfect for soldering, model building, coins, stamps, jewelry appraisal, watch and electronic repair. The working distance is smaller as the magnification increases. The 3x is around 12 inches.

                Question: How is the LED light powered?

                Answer: The LED light is powered with 3 AA batteries. Batteries have to be purchased separately. They are not included with the set. 


                Question: How heavy are they?

                Answer: Magnifier frame with traditional legs/headband weights 2 oz (without lens). Each lens is made of lightweight acrylic material: 1.0x-3.5x lens --- 0.46oz-0.86 oz.


                Question: Will the lenses break?

                Answer: The lenses are made of acrylic and they can withstand moderate impact if you accidentally drop the magnifiers on the ground.  


                Question: Can I use the magnifiers for driving?

                Answer: We do not recommend using the magnifiers for driving.  


                Question: Can I return it?

                Answer: Yes. If you are not fully satisfied with your order you may contact our customer service team and we will issue you a full refund. 








                • We offer a free lens replacement service within 90 Days of receiving your order. You just need to pay the shipping fee and we will send you a new lens for FREE.


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                • You will not find this product in regular brick-and-mortar stores. It is available online only. Our product is imported directly from the factory avoiding any intermediaries and passing all the savings to our customers.  


                MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


                • If you didn’t like the product, just contact us within 30 days after you receive your order and we will issue you a full refund without any questions asked. 




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