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Mini Airbrush With Compact Compressor - Hobbyist Edition

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- One of the biggest hassles when using an airbrush is dealing with the compressor, running the hoses, etc. This leads many people to just use spray cans.

- Spray cans, however, only give you a very limited range of options in terms mixing paints, spray patterns, etc


With this mini Airbrush you get the best of both worlds:

- ease of use of a spray can

- flexibility & control of a complete airbrush solution

Great for Small Jobs

- Cordless
- Easy To Use
- Portable
- Lightweight (7 oz / 200 gr)
- Easy To Hold
- Good Pressure (20 PSI)
- Low Noise (like an Electric Shaver)

Watch Spraying Demo

2 Replaceable Batteries version.


1) Speed up priming and base coating. The airbrush can be used for a lot of different effects and is super effective if you’re painting armies or larger scale models.

2) More environmentally friendly. In contrast to aerosol spray can primer airbrush is more environmentally friendly, safer (due to less harmful vapors), and you don’t need to dispose of empty aerosol cans.

3) Smooth Paint Coats. Similar to priming, airbrushing paint provides you with a great way to apply thin and smooth coats of acrylic paint on your models. By applying low-pressure, low viscosity paint through your airbrush, you can create buttery smooth surfaces and finishes. It’s almost like cheating!

4) Paint Blending. Blending different colors or values across large surfaces is difficult if you’re using a regular brush. With an airbrush, the paint layers are sprayed in thin layers. Each applied layers is semi-transparent because they are so thin. This provides you with an easy way perform the “layering and glazing’ technique to blend paint. 

Can Be Used With

- Acrylic paints
- Enamel paints
- Vallejo paints
- Citadel paints
- Army Painter paints

How To Thin The Paint

NOTE: Do not thin the paint in the airbrush otherwise it will clog it. Thin the paint in a separate container and then pour the thinned paint into the airbrush.

Please see the chart for the Thinner to Paint Ratio for different paint brands.


- It means you can control the spray amount and the thickness to achieve different effects.

- Comes with an adaptor allowing you to use the airbrush with other types of guns (ex. Iwata).

Use with Other Airbrushes

2 Different

Built-In Battery (30 minutes)

- 1 mini compressor
- 1 Dual-Action Gun
- 1 Adaptor/Connector
- 2 Clear Cups (40 ml and 20 ml)
- 1 Small Black Cup
- 1 USB Charging Cord
***Not recommended to use while charging.

2 Replaceable Batteries (1 hour)

- 1 mini compressor
- 2 Batteries (30 minutes each)
- 1 Dual-Action Gun
- 1 Adaptor/Connector
- 2 Clear Cups (40 ml and 20 ml)
- 1 Small Black Cup
- 1 USB Charging Cord


NOTE: Watch out for knock offs with similar pictures sold on Ebay or other websites.

We have custom made these sets with upgraded gun nozzle and high quality compressor battery. You get what you pay for.

Spare parts are available.


Can I Use It With Other Airbrushes?

Yes you can. Each set comes with an adaptor to connect other airbrushes like Iwata.

How Long Does It Take To Charge Fully?

It takes 40 Minutes to Charge Fully. We do not recommend using the built-in battery version while it is charging because it may affect the battery life.

Do You Have Spare Parts?

Yes we do. Contact us HERE

What Paints Can I Use?

Acrylic paints, Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter, Enamel paints. Just make sure you thin the paints properly to avoid clogging the airbrush.

Do You Have 0.2mm nozzles and needles?

Yes we do. Contact us HERE

What Is The Warranty?

90 Days warranty. Free replacements.

Can I Return It?

Yes, you can return an unused product within 30 days of receiving the package.

Do You Ship to Europe?

Yes we do. All the taxes and customs duties are included in the final cost you see at the checkout. You don't pay anything else.

Easy To Clean

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