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SewPro™ Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

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Better Than Sewing By Hand, More Versatile Than Big Sewing Machine 

SewPro™ is a mini sewing machine that comfortably fits in your hand and ideal for small repairs on the fly. It will help you accomplish sewing tasks quickly, without much effort and with good quality.     




What Can It Sew?

    • Lightweight fabrics: bedding, clothing (socks, shirts), silk, hem pants, drapes, holes rips, toy crafts, working with curtains, interior decorations, etc.  



     Easy To Use

    STEP 1 - Load the 4 batteries. The batteries go in the compartment on the bottom. Make sure to place the batteries with the correct side (- or +) as shown in the image below.



    STEP 2 - Position the thread correctly and locate the holder on the side. After pulling off the bobbin holder and spring underneath it, slide on the bobbin.   

    STEP 3 - The thread goes from the bobbin through the first thread guide on the needle arm, through the two plates in the tension control, and through the second thread guide at the end of the needle arm.   

    STEP 4 - The machine sews from left to right. Hold the fabric with the left hand, giving it some gently tension, and turn the machine on, using the power switch on the top. The fabric feeds by itself into the machine.   





    • Stitch Formation: Chain Stitch
    • Max. Sewing Thickness: 1.8MM
    • Stitch Length: 2-2.5MM
    • Power: requires 4 AA batteries (not included with the order)
    • Weight: 240g
    • Overall Dimensions: 20.5cm*6.7cm*3.2cm



    Main Benefits

    • Space saver: Compared to big machines, this handheld mini sewer does not take much space. Perfect for people who have limited room space.
    • Time saver: Sewing with SewPro™ is much faster and more accurate than compared to sewing by hand. Ideal for busy people who want to fix things quickly.     
    • Money saver: You can use your clothes longer without having to buy new ones every time. Less expensive than buying a traditional sewing machine. Smart investment and long term benefits.    





    Who Is It Good For?

    • Beginners: The handheld sewing machine is very easy to setup and use and anyone who does not have much expertise in sewing will be able to quickly learn how to sew things without much effort and having to invest in a more expensive machine.  
    • Experienced: Although this mini sewing machine might not completely replace your big machine, it is more versatile and very handy. For example, you can’t hem a pair of drapes on your regular sewing machine without taking them down but you can with a handheld machine. 
    • Teenagers: Great gift for teenagers who love DIY projects or are far from home studying at a college. It will help them save money by fixing clothes instead of thrown out and buying new.   
    • Travelers: It is small to carry anywhere you go and doesn't take much space in a suitcase. Perfect for traveling, very compact and lightweight.