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VisionAid™ Magnifying Kit with LED Light for Cross Stitch, Sewing, Needlepoint, Crafts

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  No Wonder You Have Eye Strain  

Regular magnifiers and cheap readers can be difficult to see through because of the low quality optics with weak magnification or strong distortion.

VisionAid Headset will Allow You to See the Smallest Details Clearly so You Can Enjoy Your Hobby Again!


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- Crystal Clear Magnification

- 5 Magnifying Powers

- Hands-free LED Light

- Distortion-Free





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USB Rechargeable - What is Included

Up to 7 Hours of Non-stop LED Light

Recharges within 30 mins.




  Commonly Asked Questions    

How is the VisionAid Magnifier Different From Regular Readers? - VisionAid Magnifier Lenses are made of Optical Grade Acrylic material which provide you with crystal clear view of the smallest objects and do not cause eye strain compared to the cheap quality optics of the readers.

Do I have to wear the VisionAid Magnifier over my prescription glasses? - Not necessarily. You can wear the VisionAid Magnifier by itself and it will help you see the smallest details of your projects easily.    

Do You Have Stronger Magnification, for example 4x? - No we don't because higher magnification will make the VisionAid magnifier difficult to use as you will have to hold the object too close to your eyes. If your current prescription glasses are 4x then it does not mean you will need the same magnification. The magnification on the VisionAid magnifier works differently and the 1.0x - 3.5x range is ideal for most close up work.

What If It Does Not Work For Me? - You can return the product within 30 days of receiving it and get a refund. We have 30 days money back guarantee.


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